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About Progene

ProGene Molecular Diagnostic Center Limited is a molecular diagnostic service provider,
which provides a comprehensive range of
molecular diagnostic tests and genetic investigations.
Start with genetic technology and create a better future!
Based on genetic technology, ProGene uses professional, safe and accurate screening methods.

Create a new health management model and master a richer future.
ProGene is committed to living the life sciences technology, uncovering the genetic blueprint, examining its needs with a new genetic perspective, and exploring a more personal and healthier lifestyle. Genetic testing not only prevents and controls the risk of disease, but also explains its own traits, physique and talents, helping you to understand yourself early and better, and create a beautiful life journey without any disadvantage.

ProGene Advantages
Have ISO17025 certified laboratories
Large database based on Asian ethnicity, with higher accuracy of data analysis
The most advanced technology platform in the United States
Adding artificial intelligence (AI) to the bioinformatics analysis process to reduce the error rate
Industry-recognized high-standard genotype identification test method with an accuracy rate of over 99.99%
More than 12 years of experience in genetic research, including Brigham & Women’s Hospital of Harvard Medical School and Novartis, a well-known Swiss pharmaceutical company.
Select disease-related genetic biomarkers (genotypes)
ProGene Chief Gene Technology Consultant
Dr. Alfa HC BAI Bai Xingchen

Dr. Bai Xingchen graduated from the Medical Inspection Section of the Medical Technology Department of Chang Gung University in Taiwan in 1999. In the same year, he obtained the professional qualification of medical laboratory technologist in Hong Kong. Since 2000, he has been working on cancer molecular biology research at the University of Hong Kong until joining ProGene in 2015, and is fully committed to the development of molecular diagnostics.

During his fifteen years of hard work in molecular biology research, Dr. Bai Xingchen continue studying. In 2004, he obtained a master's degree in internal medicine from the Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical School. In 2011, he completed his doctoral research paper at the German Cancer Center, from Heidelberg, Germany. The University awards a doctorate in natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat).

Dr. Bai Xingchen specializes in molecular biology and cancer genetic research. He has participated in the publication of 18 books in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Nature Medicine, Gut and so on.

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