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Child Growth Prediction
Why do my children need a DNA test?
Here are the three things you have to know!

Every child is unique to his/ her parents. Each has his/her own appearances, personalities and talents. To decide the future for the children, the innate potential has to be cooperated with relative acquired development.


What is Genetic Test

Every child is born with inherent talents. These talents are decided by their genes.
Every child's growth and development are different due to his/her unique genes. 
The scientists have successfully discovered the following genes-intelligent, recognition, cogitation, sentiment, aesthetic, concentration, endurance, health and physical fitness.
Meanwhile, we can identify the following features through genetic test:

Optimism / Adventure / Perseverance / Shyness / Composure / Split Personality / Hyper Activity / Negative Emotion / Impulsive / Attentiveness / Mould-ability
Emotional Intelligence
Affectionate / Faithfulness / Passion / Precocity / Sentimentality / Sociability / Self Reflection / Self-control
Social Intelligence
Intelligence / Comprehension / Analysis / Memory / Creativity / Reading Ability / Imagination
Performativity / Potential of Music / Potential of Painting / Potential of Dancing / Potential of Literature / Communication Skills
Endurance / Explosive Force / Sports Skills / Sensitivity / Sport Injury / Sports Psychology
Health Care
Obesity / Sensitivity to Secondhand Smoke
Alcoholism / Smoking
Body Development
Height / General wellness

The test method is very simple. Just wipe the tester's mouth with a cotton swab, and then submit it to the Nationally Recognized Biotechnology Laboratory in an anonymous form. The results will be available in about eight weeks.

When should children undertake the genetic test?
Take an 「Earlier Action」. Seize the moment to nurture your children

According to scientific investigation, human brains develop the fastest in early childhood period, which is also the best time to develop the children’s potential.

Some foreign research has pointed out that human’s absorptive capacity is the highest in early childhood period, which is the stage of explore.
To pave the way for children, ProGene suggests that parents should observe the children’s personalities and talents at their early stage, and thereby cultivate the corresponding aspects. 

Teaching students according to their aptitude 

The future of children means uncertain to parents. The influence of genes is like building blocks. These components can be put together in an infinite way. How much of you in the future are shaped by your genetic background and parental investment.  

The key to raise a well-rounded child is to realize his/her potential and talents. Parents should enhance the child’s learning abilities by investing resources in the suitable aspects. Teaching the child based on his/her aptitude enables him/her to develop the potential, as well as to lower the risk of failures to earn an achievement.

Find the right way to bring up your child

A Genetic Test can show the Emotional Quotient (EQ), Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and high-potential talents of a child. This enables the child to build up his/her confidence by minimizing the chance of facing in adversity and failure.

We believe a genetic test plays a contributive role of planning the future for the children, by reducing time and money to recognize their talents.

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