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Testing Service

Child Growth Prediction


This test screens your child’s DNA for genetic markers across a wide range of genes that are linked to inherited illnesses or conditions. The test indicates if your child is predisposed towards immunological diseases, developmental disorders or other health conditions. With ProGene Child you can be better prepared to manage your child’s health, if necessary.


Screening your child’s DNA for the following illness or conditions:


- Abnormal QT Interval(Long QT syndrome, LQTS)
- Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
- Allergic Rhinitis
- Asthma
- Atopic Dermatitis (Atopic Eczema)
- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
- Coeliac Disease
- Crohn’s Disease
- Dyslexia
- Early or Late Teething
- Early Speech Impairment
- Epilepsy
- Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis
- Invasive Pneumococcal Disease
- Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
- Kawasaki’s Disease
- Lactose Intolerance
- Meningococcal Disease
- Obesity (childhood onset)
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
- Pathological Myopia
- Permanent Tooth Development
- Restless Legs Syndrome
- Tourette Syndrome
- Ulcerative Colitis





Test Methodology:

Buccal swab sample from your inner cheek and send it to our laboratory.


Specimen Required: 

Buccal Swab


Turnaround Time : 

Maximum to 8 weeks

讀寫障礙、專注力失調及過度活躍症基因檢測 (GTADHD / GTDD / GTDDAD)





針對腦部發展和學習障礙近年相關的研究皆指出早期發現(即在入讀小學前)便接受支援的個案獲得的成效更顯著面對ADHD的個案也是一樣因此美國兒科學會(American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP) 近年已將ADHD的評估年齡範圍擴大至4


由於ADHD和讀寫障礙都有高遺傳性(大概30-60%)除了進行針對家族病史及父母的問卷調查外基因測試是最早能夠發現ADHD和讀寫障礙遺傳風險的途徑近期的研究已找出了與ADHD相關的多巴胺(一種腦內分泌物影響人的情緒)調控基因以及與讀寫障礙相關的促進腦部發展的基因還有針對中文讀寫障礙的基因進一步分析這些基因的分型能夠及早知道評估學童患上ADHD和讀寫障礙的相對風險, 讓父母可以早一點安排評估其專注力文字理解及閱讀能力









What is Genetic Test

Every child is born with inherent talents. These talents are decided by their genes.
Every child's growth and development are different due to his/her unique genes. 
The scientists have successfully discovered the following genes-intelligent, recognition, cogitation, sentiment, aesthetic, concentration, endurance, health and physical fitness.
Meanwhile, we can identify the following features through genetic test:

Optimism / Adventure / Perseverance / Shyness / Composure / Split Personality / Hyper Activity / Negative Emotion / Impulsive / Attentiveness / Mould-ability
Emotional Intelligence
Affectionate / Faithfulness / Passion / Precocity / Sentimentality / Sociability / Self Reflection / Self-control
Social Intelligence
Intelligence / Comprehension / Analysis / Memory / Creativity / Reading Ability / Imagination
Performativity / Potential of Music / Potential of Painting / Potential of Dancing / Potential of Literature / Communication Skills
Endurance / Explosive Force / Sports Skills / Sensitivity / Sport Injury / Sports Psychology
Health Care
Obesity / Sensitivity to Secondhand Smoke
Alcoholism / Smoking
Body Development
Height / General wellness

The test method is very simple. Just wipe the tester's mouth with a cotton swab, and then submit it to the Nationally Recognized Biotechnology Laboratory in an anonymous form. The results will be available in about eight weeks.