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Create your skin scare routine and keep fresh

In recent years, genes are widely applied to a variety of medical fields, including the area of beauty, physical health and personalized medicine. Once the crucial genes causing aging skin (e.g. UV exposure and eating habits) are identified, targeted skin care can be carried out. 

BBC England News has reported that genes had been proven to be correlated to aging skin. This technology has proven “staying young is no longer a dream”. 

Get to know your skin condition!

How to test your skin types? Oral DNA Testing is an easy way. First, collect the cells shed from inner linings of the mouth, followed by analyzing DNA for 5 key factors of skin health.

Elasticity - Collagen Protein

Collagen accounts for 75% to our skin. This helps to keep the skin firm and strong. Therefore increasing the amount and quality of collagen are critical to the condition of skin. 

Brightness - Screen Protection Factor 

Long-term exposure under ultraviolet radiation (UV) is responsible for 90% early skin aging. This results in long-term chronic inflammation, variation in skin condition and precipitation of melanin (senile lentigines, melasma and freckles)

Anti-wrinkle - Glycation Is the New Sin

Glycation is one of the factors in accelerating skin aging. Collagen proteins and elastic fibers cannot keep skin tight any longer, resulting in corrugation.

Skin Repairing 

Free radicals, which defend against antioxidants, are responsible to skin aging. Excessive free radical can damage our skin layers, including epidermis and dermis.

Anti-allergy - Boost Wound Healing

Inflammation is the first line of defense against external stimuli (e.g. bacteria and chemical). Temporary inflammation is body's normal healing response to infection. Meanwhile, it overreacts the inflammation system, causing harmful effect to the skin cells. 

Say no to medication! 

Never risk your skin in testing skincare products. A genetic test can analyze your skin condition in a scientific way, and can further help you to make a tailor-made skincare plan.   

Tailor your health care plan accordingly, it could help you better understand your skin and improve your skin conditions.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

Q1:Is the test painful? Will it hurt my skin? 
A1:Actually, the process of oral testing is quick and simple. We only collect the cells shed from inner linings of the mouth with a swab gently. This won’t cause you any pain and wounds.   

Q2:Apart from skin genetic test, is there any other beauty-related tests? 
A2:ProGene has all-round genetic tests, including weight management, regimen, whitening and ageless treatment. We provide you a one stop to seek for beauty.

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