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Disease Prevention
Are you healthy? A genetic test is a secret to healthy life.

Genes are our unique code of life. Through the genetic test, you can study over 2000 cases with related genes before means.

Nowadays, there are over 700 formulas and medical treatments to cure gene related. The earlier you discover the risk of hidden disease, you will have a higher chance of recovery.

How can we recognize the early warning signs of diseases?



Genetic Testing for Cancer Risk

Cancer can start with DNA mutation, this can lead to abonormal cell growth and cell division. The origin of cancer could be explained by genes.

Recently, there’s a research showing that external environment only account 40% for cancer. 

Therefore,” Cancer Gene Testing” is really important, especially for those having family history of cancer. Genes can be interacting unpredictably with environmental factors. It is suggested that for the cancer patients’ family members can also take the genetic testing for cancer risk before long. 

The test results can helps estimating your chance of developing cancer in your lifetime. It also helps to search the specific changes in your genes. This information guides you a health care plan and effectively lower your cancer risk.  

Genetic Testing for Cardiovascular diseases Risk 

There’s a research explained that DNA Biomarker has close relationship with high blood lipid.

Based on Pro Gene’s ” Genetic Testing for Cardiovascular diseases Risk “, we would take genetic screen and analysis. Those genes can link up with cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders. For instance, Heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Take an earlier test and kick start healthier lifestyle to prevent and lower the risk of developing these diseases.

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